Twin Flame.. What?!

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter: I have decided to listen to much of the “criticism” found online concerning the topic of twin flames, criticism mainly being that there are no such entities as twin flames, no such entities as soulmates, or twin rays, and so on, and so forth.. I am relatively new to these concepts of spirituality, hence I cannot pretend to know everything about them.

Before I decide whether or not the existence of a twin soul is a figment of the imagination of those chasing after a mere construct of their mind, I am deciding to side with camp “no such thing” for a bit. Besides, it is more important to know yourself, than it is to go after a belief that may never be true or materialize, right?

I have learned from a quote something quite important: “when you wish to help others, you tell them the truth, but when you wish to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear”. By denying the existence of twin flames, I am slightly telling some others what they wish to hear, though I am also freeing my mind from the weight of it all.

Reminds me of the TV show Zoo. There is a scene in which Jackson Oz is asked by a boy about the seeming device in his hand that he holds up when he controls a pack of lions; a sort of small remote control. He responds to the boy that it is only a toothpick holder, as he uses his mind to control the lions. When the boy does not believe him, Jackson concedes that the device was made by a friend for him, that it is very high tech, and is what enables him to  control the lions. He promises the boy to let him use it in the future. The boy believes him, and looks forward to that day.

The truth of the matter is that Jackson has a special natural connection with the lions, who simply seem to respond to his emotional cues; expectedly, the boy could never have controlled them. We see this later, when the toothpick holder is destroyed in a fight. It would have been expected that his “friends” the lions would have turned on him and attacked him, since the remote was no longer usable, but the connection he had with them remained, regardless of the state of the toothpick holder. To the surprise of his girlfriend who believed in the remote control analogy, instead of attacking him, his group of lions still responded to his mind and defended him against all threats.

“Twin flame” has nothing to do with lions, but the point of this story is the fact that concepts are only just words, which help us to form beliefs that are felt in our minds. This goes back to why I decided to do away with the idea that I have a twin flame altogether: acknowledging that concept or other spiritual concepts does not make a difference as to the existence of them. They are but little toothpick holders, completely unrelated to the real connections we share with others.

Although I do have to say, the act of destroying these words is ever so freeing, because I no longer feel constrained by jargon. It is freeing to simply be, to listen to my body and mind, and to follow my whims. I recommend for all spiritualists out there to let go of words and concepts; you’ll only be more liberated for it!