Hiking the Pine Island Ridge Natural Area, and Tree Tops Park


In South Florida, one great area to go hiking is the Tree Tops Park, which happens to be located right next to the Pine Island Ridge Natural Area, yet another hiking spot. Both trails are located in Davie, Florida.

On the morning of my 29th birthday, December 7th 2017, I decided to…. GO HIKING, of course. And alone as usual! My chosen venue was Tree Tops Park, but on that same day, a man who was walking by recommended the Pine Island Ridge Natural Area which happened to be right by Tree Tops Park. I have been going to Tree Tops for a while on my walks, yet I have never noticed that other hiking trail.

The following pictures will definitely inspire you to get off your butt and get to these parks ASAP!

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Hiking Florida- Apoxee/Owahee Trails


Florida is not an easy state to go hiking in, and even less South Florida. Why? There aren’t that many hiking trails in south Florida, which means you’d be limited to hiking for just a few hours at most. Despite this, I have decided to hike the state.

This post is a summary of one of my hiking adventures. Keep reading for pictures and videos from that day. I am sure this will convince you to explore Apoxee and Owahee!

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XXXopoly Game Instructions

If you are forgetful like myself, you’ve probably misplaced your instructions for XXXopoly. I still haven’t played the game, but I somehow mistakenly threw away the instructions years ago. 

My game was collecting dust when I decided to open it, only to realize the instructions were gone! I googled the game instructions to no avail and ended up writing to customer service; I decided to write to them before even needing the game rules, so that when I do need them in the future, I will not find myself going crazy.

This is me preventing the ordeal for someone else. Also, in case you were wondering if you should even purchase this game, I’ve attached several pictures of the board itself along with a few of the cards from each category. 

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Yes it is Fall (The Voice of Wisdom)


Below is communication that I have received when I first started to channel, though I had no idea I was a channeler at the time. It was Fall, on September 3rd 2015, and I was at work on my break. I calmly listened to nature sounds and meditated, when I suddenly felt a block of energy reach me and urge me to write everything down. Later, some of what I wrote I recognized from meditations and writings of others (though only the idea of humans being trees), but I found it fascinating that I could simply sit down, close my eyes, and receive this without any research. Today, as I was preparing to re-share this old post that I had published on Facebook years ago, more and more energy reached me and urged me to add to this.

I find it quite tailored to empaths, who go through life feeling at the mercy of what they feel around them. I thought this was such a great way of explaining what it should look like, and how an empath can grow by accepting and allowing themselves to be, even as connected as they are to other lives. I will add to this, if I feel more that would complete it further:

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Got Hired by the Government?


I’ve read numerous posts about persons who get hired by government agencies, such as the FBI and the CIA, and this is simply a post adding some humor to the topic, as reading these blogs has made me laugh out loud! I do not work for any government agencies, and I am completely self-employed, but if you do get hired by a government agency like the CIA, you would know that it should be kept confidential, “or else” (for your own safety); keep in mind, you should hide it so much that not even a fly should fly by you and know where you have been!

Here are some cover stories you may use.. By the way, I post this because one thing I have also seen all over the internet is that government agents have now become quite obvious in the midst of civilians, especially when they are from Washington, DC.. hence why so many people love to post about how visible they are when they try to camouflage themselves. Yes, it has become more of a joke:

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Release Your Fears



Fears and insecurities have a way of crippling us if we let them. They eat away at our joy, and at our peace, especially when we do not express them openly to resolve them. I will share these tools I have learned during my therapy sessions, just in case it helps someone in the way that it has helped me.

In 2010, I relocated from Texas to Florida and resumed my college education at the Florida International University. My most important anxiety stemmed from the fear of not graduating in a timely manner. As it was, I had already delayed my education a whole semester, to then find out that the degree of Communication I had studied for three years up until that point was not offered at my new school. Needless to say, I imagined that it would take me at least another three years to graduate… I stumbled into my therapist’s office, lamenting that my life was officially over.

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Shallow Star


This poem I wrote while in college at the University of Houston- Downtown. At the time I was part of the acting team, and helped with building and decorating the sets for the O’Kane theater. This was perhaps the most fun I have ever had; acting was perhaps the best outlet for me, because through it I was allowed to change my personality, and to feel the characters as I wished. That aspect of my self was praised in that environment, and I miss that dearly.

I was also one of the theater’s scholarship recipients, which meant I was responsible for washing the dishes every single day. This forced me to socialize, which was great for myself as a shy person. During this time, I met and fell in like with a guy who was a friend, and happened to already be taken. I liked his personality, and it inspired me to write this poem. He was always very kind, understanding, and empathic. During one of our conversations, we concluded that we must have known each other well in a past life, because we had so much in common in so many ways. This poem is not about him, but inspired by him.

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